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2-Channel Smoke sensor

SD-110 is a microprocessor internal 2-channel smoke detector. 
SD-110 is an environment-adaptive smoke detector which displays the concentration on the back light LCD by receiving the serial signals from two sensors and by processing them in the digital mode, and performs the variety of local functions in digital process mode. 
Also, it can ensure the effective remote control by stably outputting the analog serial signals to external control unit such as PLC/DDC.
As one of big advantages of SD-110, it can be suitably applicable for various purposes by processing the sensible signals detected by ionization sensor by microprocessor stably and accurately.
Because the existing smoke detectors have been mostly applied only for a fire alarm, it is general that they don’t ensure an accuracy and safety for a utility of industrial field.
SD-110 is designed to ensure a sensibility and safety simultaneously by controlling the sensible ionization sensor with an industrial detector technology.

[ Features ]
 Low Concentrated Smoke Detection
It is suitable to a small quantity smoke detection because it is designed for a purpose of supporting the safety function of industrial automation equipment.
 Ionization sensor : Ionization sensor using the current change when the smoke is combined in the ion created by radial rays can detect very low concentrated smoke.
 LCD Display with Back-Light
 Local Alarm
It can set the alarm concentration by microprocessor. When the detection concentration is larger than the alarm concentration, over 80㏈ alarm sound is generated. It informs whether the smoke occurs.
 User Selection Menu
It is organized suitably for the purpose of use because various artificial intellectuals are provided by microprocessor. It maximizes the effect of detection function because various functions such as alarm concentration setting, detection range setting, and alarm reset setting are properly used.
 Two–Channel Detection
It can monitor the maximum 2 ionization sensor at the same time and can extend the detection space.
[ Specification ]
Classification SD - 110
General Type 1 or 2 Channel Monitoring
Product Type Wall type
Detection Principle Ionizations Smoke Chamber
Detection Type Diffusion Type
Response Time Less 5 sec.
Detection Range 0 ~ 500 Pcs/L
External Output 4 ~ 20㎃
Power Source DC 24V
Alarm Type High / Low 2 Step Alarm – User setting
Alarm Reset Manual or automatic – User selection
Signal Wire CVVS & CVVSB 1.25sq x 3 Wire - Shield Type
Available Current 500㎃. Maximum
System Initialization Time Less 50 sec.
External Structure Monitoring Unit - Metal, Sensor Unit - Aluminum
Temperature/Humidity -20℃~ 50℃ / 0 ~ 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Process Digital Process

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