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Non contact Temperature + Smoke Detector

TS-60 is built-in Non contact Infrared thermometer and smoke sensor.
The most of existing temperature and smoke sensors in markets can detect fire after the heat reach to temperature and smoke detector.
However, TS-60 detects the fire by increased infrared amount and low concentrated smoke in early stage of the fire and enables to prevent the fire in advance.

[ Features ]
 Non contact Infrared thermometer can measure a wide range of temperature from -70℃ to 380℃
 The user can adjust the alarm temperature by DIP switch
 Low Concentrated Smoke Detection
 Local Alarm
It is designed to support the safety of industrial automation precision equipments so that it is suitable for low concentrated smoke detection
 Digital Process
Digital process based on built-in micro processor realizes various artificial intelligent functions which result in more convenient, more accurate, and more efficient detection environment.
[ Specification ]
Classification TS - 60 [Non contact Infrared thermometer ]
Measuring Range -70 ~ 380℃ (Alarm value setting by DIP switch)
Device Thermopile (Non contact Infrared measurement)
Optical Resolution 35˚
Optical Spectrum 8~14㎛
Response Time 0.3 sec
Relay Output Relay A (DC30V 1A)
Classification TS - 60 [Non contact Infrared thermometer ]
Detection Principle Ionizations Smoke Chamber
Detection Method Diffusion
Response time Within 3 sec
Relay Output Relay A (DC30V 1A)
Input power DC 22V~26V
Currency consumption 50㎃. Maximum
Operation temperature/humidity -20℃~ 60℃ / 0 ~ 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Process Digital Process

 Temperature setting in factory : 50℃ / Smoke density : 1%

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