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Robust controller and display instrument for level sensors

For one 4 ... 20 mA sensor

Application area

1 x 4 ... 20 mA sensor input, 1 x 4 ... 20 mA current output, 3 x operating relay, 1 x fail safe relay (instead of operating relay), on-site display, 4-button and smartphone operation
The VEGAMET 841 controller feeds the connected 4 ... 20 mA sensor, processes the measured values and displays them. A large display for data visualisation is integrated in the housing designed for rough field conditions. It enables a simple conversion of pump controls, flow measurements on open channels and weirs and totalizers. With VEGAMET 841, limit values can be reliably monitored and relays can be switched, e.g. for an overfill protection according to WHG.

Your benefit

  • Clearly arranged, readable from a distance and individually programmable display
  • Complex programming of control tasks is no longer necessary
  • Easy-to-read display from a distance, even in sunlight and darkness
Protection rating IP66/IP67, Type 4X
Input 1 x 4 … 20 mA sensor input
-1 x 0/4 … 20 mA current output
-3 x operating relay
-1x failure relay (instead of operating relay)
Ambient temperature -40 ... 60 °C
-On-site adjustment
-Smartphone / Tablet / PC via Bluetooth
-LCD matrix display, black and white
-Backlight with colour change acc. to status


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