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Delta-Tubed Coriolis Mass Flow Meter


SmartMeasurement’s ALCM-DT delta-tubed Coriolis mass flow meters use two tubes formed into a triangle shape, or delta, in a parallel arrangement. These delta tubes are vibrated at their resonant frequency by coils. Any mass flow passing through the tubes will generate Coriolis forces, which are created whenever a mass moves radially in a rotating system. These forces have opposite effects on the inlet and outlet sides, deforming each tube by a minor amount.

SmartMeasurement’s Delta-Tubed Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

The delta tube geometry of these liquid flow meters provides outstanding low-flow performance versus other Coriolis tube geometries, making this instrument an ideal choice for applications with smaller line sizes and lower flow rates.

We offer ALCM-DT delta-tubed Coriolis mass flow meters in line sizes ranging from 1/8” (3 mm) to 8” (200 mm), with flow rate measurement capabilities from 26 to 2,000,000 lbs. per hour, with accuracy of up to 0.15% of reading.

Our delta-tubed Coriolis mass flow meters feature easy-to-read LCD displays that can be configured to display either mass or volumetric flow rates in a variety of user-selectable engineering units, as well as density, temperature, and totalized flows. These Coriolis meters offer excellent value by providing a highly accurate, compact instrument that can measure flow, density, and temperature, with lower pressure differential, in a single low-cost package.

The unique combination of features and benefits of our delta-tubed Coriolis mass flow meter technology makes these units ideal for numerous industries and applications, including Food & Beverage, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Paint, and Industrial Process Control.

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How Do Delta-Tubed Coriolis Mass Flow Meters Work?

The excursion of the tubes in the Coriolis meter is detected by sensors located at the meter inlet and outlet, and is measured as a time delay, or phase shift. The phase shift between the rotational frequencies of both tubes is directly proportional to the mass flow rate.

The resonant frequency of the delta-tubed Coriolis mass flow meter’s tubes changes in proportion to the density of the fluid media. This effect allows for the measurement of media density. Using only one sensor, both density and temperature measurements can be collected, as the extent of deformation of the pipes is temperature-dependent. Therefore, the temperature is measured for compensation purposes. Using a single instrument, values such as mass flow, density, and temperature may be measured.

The ALCM-DT delta-tubed Coriolis mass flow meter’s circuitry also makes it possible to determine conversions such as volumetric flow, percent concentration, and percent water-cut.

  • Measurement of mass flow, density, temperature & volume flow
  • Suitable for aggressive & contaminated media
  • Measurement & display of percent water-cut for oil/water mixtures
  • Excellent purging & sterilization capabilities thanks to dead spot-free construction
  • High rotation frequency & well-balanced measuring tubes
  • Operates at temperatures up to 575°F (300°C)
  • Individual 8-point calibration including NIST-traceable report
  • Optional EX protection

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