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The VEGATOR 636 Ex is a signal conditioning instrument for level detection for vibrating level switches VEGASWING, VEGAVIB and VEGAWAVE in two-wire version. With this instrument simple control tasks can be solved. Typical applications are monitoring functions such as overflow and dry run protection.


  • Comprehensive monitoring detects short-circuit and line break of the measuring cable and interferences in the sensor
  • Simple and comfortable SIL and WHG function test via test key
  • Simple installation through carrier rail mounting

Technical data

Input 1 x sensor input
Output 1 x relay output
1 x transistor output
Switching hysteresis fix
Operating voltage 20 … 253 V AC, 50/60 Hz
20 … 72 V DC
Mounting carrier rail 35 x 7.5 acc. to EN 50022
SIL qualification optionally up to SIL2

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