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Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

What Is A Coriolis Flow Meter?

Coriolis flow meters rely on the Earth’s Coriolis effect to measure fluid mass flow rates. Inside the flow body of a SmartMeasurement Coriolis meter, flow is diverted into two parallel sensor flow tubes, which are vibrated in opposition to one another by an energized drive coil. The mass flow meter’s phase shift, measured by Hall Effect sensors mounted at the sensor tubes’ inlet and outlets, is caused by the Coriolis effect and is directly proportional to the mass of the media flowing through the tubes. Thus, the Coriolis flow meter is a true mass flow meter.

For further information on our Coriolis meters’ principles of operation, please visit our Coriolis Technology page.

SmartMeasurement’s Coriolis Meters


In addition to providing a direct mass flow reading, our Coriolis flow meters offer a number other advantages. Perhaps the biggest of these advantages is their multi-parameter measurement capability. SmartMeasurement Coriolis meters provide direct mass and volumetric flow rates, process temperature, and density readings.

These liquid flow meters also provide inferred readings for density-dependent parameters such as water-in-oil percentage, degrees Brix, and degrees Baume. Another advantage of our Coriolis flow meters is that they require no straight pipe runs upstream or downstream of the meter.

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Technology Model/
Gas Flow Liquid Flow Steam Flow Line Size Temperature Pressure Viscosity Accuracy Considerations
Coriolis ALCM
Avoid vibration

The Right Mass Flow Meter for Your Application


SmartMeasurement offers Coriolis mass flow meters with several unique tube arrangements to best fit our customers’ unique needs.

We offer:

Our Coriolis meters are available for pipe diameters from ¼” to 8”. Flow rates vary by model, with options available to accommodate flows as low as 25 kg/hr up to 1,000,000 kg/hr.

The unique combination of features and capabilities offered by our ALCM family of Coriolis flow meters makes them the ideal choice for a broad range of industries and applications. Our Coriolis meters are used in:

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Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Family


ALCM - Coriolis Mass Flow Family
Technology Model Diameters Flow Rate Accuracy Pressures Temperature Outputs Approvals Features and Advatages

U-Tubed Coriolis Meter
ALCM-UT 1¼”~8”
(40-200 mm)
1,500~1,000,000 kg/hr ±0.5% of reading(std),  0.2% or 0.15% (opt) 928 psig
(64 bar)
482 °F
(250 °C)
4-20mA, 0-10 kHz pulse, RS485 NEPSI Exid ⅡB T4;  Exib ⅡC T 4  and CE Best turndown*, higher flows than  ALCMDT similar sizes >2" (50mm)

Micro Bend Coriolis Meter
ALCM-MB ½" to 2"
150~ 50,000Kg/hr ±0.5% of reading(std),  0.2% or 0.15% (opt) 928 psig
(64 bar)
482 °F
(250 °C)
4-20mA, 0-10 kHz pulse, RS485 NEPSI Exid ⅡB T4;  Exib ⅡC T 4  and CE Better Turndown* and lower flows than ALCMDT for similar sizes <2" (50mm)

Delta Tubed Coriolis Meter
ALCM-DT ½"-8"
150-900,000 kg/hr ±0.5% of reading(std),  0.2% or 0.15% (opt) 6000 psig
(420 bar)
482 °F
(250 °C)
4-20mA, RS 485, Modbus, HART NEPSI Exid ⅡB T4;  Exib ⅡC T 4  and CE Small size <2" (50mm) higher flows than ALCMMB, lager sizes >2'' (50mm) better lower flow than ALCMUT